The history behind
the artwork of
Malose Pete

How it started

Malose started by drawing illustrations of plants and animals for his teachers at school. Since then, he has always been fascinated with art in various forms and mediums.

After completing his degree in 2011, Malose took the art world by storm. He’s a multi-talented artist who majored in sculpture and painting, and some of his works have been featured in art galleries across the globe.

He has always been fascinated by nature, culture, and self-expression embodied in his artwork in some way or another. Malose has completed several public and private commissions in sculpture and painting, which his clients cherished. His art tells the story of the rich history of Africa and celebrates the beauty of our country and our people.

Past exhibitions

His most notable artwork is a sculpture he made of the second president of the African National Congress, Sefako Makgatho, which he produced for The National Heritage Monument in Cape Town.

Malose has also had exhibitions at Trent Gallery, Art Lovers 1932, the Pretoria Arts Association and The IS Gallery situated in Franschoek.

He entered the international art market in recent years, where some of his works are exhibited all over Europe.

The message of his art

He draws his inspiration from the diverse cultural history of our country with a strong focal point on interrogating identity issues and the concept of belonging.

His art encompasses several elements of African art, which include the resemblance of human beings, animals, luminosity, self-composure, balance & symmetry and last but not least, youthfulness.

Through his art, he explores the depths of his thoughts combined with questioning cultural identities, which he believes can hinder personal development. In some of, he uses soil that is symbolic of his family roots, coming from Limpopo.